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The ARAY Series Grow Light

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New ARAY 4X4 and ARAY 5X5 LED grow lights

We are thrilled to introduce our newest cutting-edge LED grow lights that will revolutionize the way you grow plants indoors.

ARAY 4X4 in design stage

Are you tired of dealing with bulky, heat-producing grow lights that cost a fortune to run? Look no further than our new ARAY 4X4 and ARAY 5X5 producing high-intensity light with uniform spread while consuming less energy than traditional grow lights, saving you money on your energy bills.

ARAY 4X4 Folded

Our LED grow light is designed with the latest advancements in horticulture lighting technology, providing optimal light wavelengths for plant growth and development all the way through the grow cycle. With the ARAY 4X4 and ARAY 5X5 you can expect increased yields, healthier plants, and faster growth cycles.

AREAY 5X5 full spectrum output

Built with the highest quality components to ensure long lifespan and reliability. The LED bars are anodised aluminium with rigid powder coated steel brackets to connect them. The cables are extra long, silicone coated to prevent cables kinking and IP 67 rated (waterproof) to withstand the demanding environment of grow tents.

ARAY 4X4 supersized heatsinks for maximum led efficiency and lifespan


Last but not least we deliver high quality service, fast and friendly. We pride ourselves on providing 5 star customer service and 5 star products to our customers but don't believe us, here is what our customers say about us.




Experience the difference for yourself with our new ARAY 4X4 and ARAY 5X5.

Order now and take your indoor gardening to the next level!


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