MIGRO FAQ section

Do MIGRO deliver globally? How can I see the shipping cost?

There are shipping rates for shipping to Europe, the United Kingdom, Northern America, Switzerland, Scandinavia, New Zealand, Australia and more. You will see the shipping cost in the cart before you progress to the checkout.

If you are outside these areas we may still be able to deliver to you. Please select ‘other countries’ in the cart and proceed to checkout. Enter your country location and check if we deliver to your country. If your country is not available please contact us and we will quote you for delivery to your country.

Are taxes and duties payable?

MIGRO is shipped from our US warehouse for US sales and from our EU warehouse for sale to the European Union, UK and the rest of the world.

EU sales include tax and no additional import taxes or duty are payable for any delivery within the European Union.

US sales are shipped from our US warehouse and no import duty or taxes are payable.

If you have ordered from outside of the European Union and US we will not apply taxes or duties to your order. You will be liable to pay the taxes and duties due on import in your country.

We include an invoice in the courier pack. The invoice is for the cost of the MIGRO light ordered in the currency ordered and excludes shipping value.

The harmonized tariff schedule code (used by customs) for an LED light fixtures is: 8539.50.00

Estimates of Import duties and taxes payable:

European Union: Tax paid with your order, No further Taxes or duties apply

UK: No import duty charged, VAT rate 20% charged at customs via our courier, DPD + £6.00 processing fee by UK customs.

USA: Not applicable. Orders are shipped from our US warehouse

Canada: Import Duty up to 3%

Australia: Duties, Taxes and Fees: 8% (Tariff classification 9405.10.00, TCO 1673253)

Switzerland: Swiss Value Added Tax applies (currently 8%) No additional Duty applies.

What Plugs types are available other than US, Europe and UK types

The following plug types will be provided by default:

EU: European plug Type E

UK & Ireland: UK Plug Type G

US & CAN: US Plug Type B Nema 15-P

Australia and New Zealand: AU Plug

Switzerland: CH Plug

Rest of the worls: US Plug Type B Nema 15-P

We can provide special plug types by request. Please contact us through the contact page and we will let you know if your plug type is possible.

Is the delivery insured?

Yes, each delivery is insured and MIGRO will be responsible for any damage incurred in transit. We will replace any parts damaged in transit immediately and request the damaged part is returned, at no cost to the customer.

How is the MIGRO product packaged?

The lights are packed in plain cardboard boxes. The boxes are double wall and the lights are packaged securely in bubble wrap and foam packaging to prevent damage during transit.

Where is the MIGRO product manufactured?

We assemble and test all our lights in our factory in China. Our LED’s are sourced from major LED manufacturers; Samsung and Osram. 

We keep a stock of all the components for warranty purposes.

What if I am unhappy with the order when I receive it?

MIGRO wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchaseIf youre not satisfied with your purchase for any reasonjust return the merchandise in its original packaging within 14 days of the date you received the package for an exchange or a refund of the purchase price minus the original shipping and handlingWe will refund the original shipping and handling on returns if an item is defective or if MIGRO made an errorHoweverif you return the item for any other reasonwe will no longer refund the original shipping and handlingPlease make sure to ship your return packages with tracking and insurance as we are not responsible for items lost or damaged in transit

For UK customers there will be a charge applied by the courier on import for UK VAT at 20% +  £6 processing fee. If you reject the delivery at this point the order will be returned to us and we will refund you less the shipping fee and 10% repacking fee.

What if I have a problem with my light after the 14 day period?

The light is guaranteed for three years. Any light failures within that period will be replaced with no charge to the customer. Full details are in the terms and conditions on the website

What temperature should the Driver and heatsink for the light?

The light heatsink and driver both operate at about 20 deg. C or 70 F above ambient temperature. So at 25 degrees C or 77 F room temp the driver and heatsink will be about 45 deg. C or 115 F. This is perfectly normal and is totally safe. To minimise the temperature locate the driver down low at the air intake and have the outtake moving air across the heatsink.

If the driver case temperature gets to 90 DegC or 195 F the output current will be reduced. If the temperature does not reduce then it powers off until temperatures have reduced.

Are the MIGRO lights upgradeable?

Yes, they are. If LEDs improve in efficiency enough in the future to justify an upgrade you can replace the LED with a future generation model.

Do the MIGRO lights generate heat?

Yes, they do. The LED’s are the most efficient in the market but they still produce heat. They do not produce radiant heat from the bulb like High Intensity Discharge (HPS, MH etc) light bulbs but they emit heat through the heat sink. About 40% of the total power consumed by high efficiency LED’s goes to heat which is much less than HID which would emit about 70% of it’s consumed power as heat.

How do I control MIGRO grow lights?

Each Light is powered by an LED driver (a transformer that converts AC power from the socket to DC power for the LED). The LED driver can be plugged straight into a timer switch to control the on/off light cycle.

Can I use the MIGRO lights for all stages of plant growth, vegging and flowering?

Yes you can. The MIGRO light output is full spectrum, white light. The levels of each light spectrum is closely matched to sunlight and is ideal for healthy plant growth from seedlings to harvest.