MIGRO resellers

Become a MIGRO Reseller - Wholesale and drop-ship options available


The MIGRO brand is quickly becoming the most recognizable and trusted grow lighting brand in the world.

If you would like to sell our innovative, high-performance products and partner with us, please fill in the enclosed MIGRO wholesale agreement and return it to us.

Download the resellers application form here

As soon as we receive the completed form, we will send you our wholesale pricing list. Please return the form to: info@migrolight.com

MIGRO Resellers

Country Website Shop
United Kingdom https://www.1-hydroponics.co.uk/
United States https://www.ledgrowlightsdepot.com/collections/migro
Argentina https://magicboxargentina.com
Austria https://juicybuds.eu
New Zealand Vogel St Garden Centre, 301 Vogel St, Dunedin
Indoor Grow NZ, also at 301 Vogel St, Dunedin
South Africa http://www.cannagroworx.co.za/led-grow-lights
Italy www.herbaria420.it
Netherlands Greensell online shop
HET LED Warehouse online shop
France Biotanic-Culture online shop
Germany Grow Deals online shop

United Kingdom Migro Resellers

Website shop: www.ledgrowstore.co.uk

United States Migro Resellers


Website Shop: https://growspade.com

Argentina Migro Resellers

Austria Migro Resellers

Website shop: https://juicybuds.eu

New Zealand Migro Resellers

Website shop: www.indoorgrow.nz

South Africa Migro Resellers

Italy Migro Resellers

Website shop: www.herbaria420.it

Netherlands Migro Resellers

Website shop: Greensell online shop

France Migro Resellers

Germany Migro Resellers

Website shop: Grow Deals online shop