MIGRO ARAY - Instruction Manual & Datasheet


Instruction manual and datasheet


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STOP – Please read all these instructions carefully especially the safety section before unboxing and assembling


Please read this manual thoroughly before assembling and installing the MIGRO grow lights system

Please retain this manual for reference for the lifetime for the product

The MIGRO system limits the voltage in the grow room to 96Vdc and has built in protection for overcurrent, shorts or overheating. However, to minimise any remaining risk please switch the power off while installing and adjusting the MIGRO system. If the mains plug needs to be changed to suit your power socket only a qualified person should carry out this work, in accordance with your local codes.
The MIGRO system will operate on a supply voltage ranging from 100V to 277V AC and from 50 to 60Hz frequency. Any other supply voltage will damage the lighting system.
The grow light and the cabling from the LED driver to the grow light is IP66 rated and can be used in a wet area. The mains power plug is not IP rated for a wet area and should be located in a dry area outside of the grow room. If the cable insulation or glands are damaged switch off the system immediately and return to us for repair.
The MIGRO grow light has a highly efficient and passive cooling heatsink. In order to function correctly air must be able to flow freely across the fins of the heatsink. Do not cover the grow light and restrict the airflow across the heatsink under any circumstances. This will result in heat build up which may damage the grow light and/or cause a fire.
Do not put the grow light down on any surface when the light is on. The light intensity and radiated heat may damage the surface.
The light intensity from each MIGRO grow light is very high. If you look directly at the light source from less than 20cm or 9” away the intensity is equivalent to the sun. To protect your eyes do not look directly at the light source when less than 60cm or 2 feet away.

Setup instructions

Connect the LED bars together with the connector brackets provided. Centre the bracket along the length of the LED bar (line it up with the Cable gland) and screw in place using the allen key provided.
Attach the ratchet hangers to the grow light at the cable splitter splitter. 

ARAY 2 & 3

Attach 2 x ratchet hangers to each light fixture

ARAY 4, 8 and 12

Attach the 2 x clips to each cable splitter and attach a single ratchet hanger to each cable 
Hang the LED driver using the S hook or Carabiner clip

Dimmer adjustment - ARAY 2,3,4,8 & 12

Caution: Do not run 2 led bars only from the larger power ARAY 4, 8 & 12 driver. The LEDs will be overpowered and will be damaged. Only run 4 bars with the splitter cable.

Adjust the Light intensity using the dimmer control on the LED driver. Set the dimmer switch to ON or Local to enable the on board dimmer control. Set the Dimmer switch to Off/Remote to operate from an external dimmer signal.

From seedling:

For Seedlings start at 40% and 10" or 26cm hanging height – keep at this level for the first 2 to 3 weeks until two or three sets of true leaves have developed.

Plants over three weeks old, Vegging cycle

Hang at 20cm or 8″ over the top of the plant canopy. Set the dimmer to 60 - 80%

After initial setup check them after a few hours. Look for signs of plant stress; curled leave tips, yellowing leaf tips etc. If you see these signs reduce dimmer by 1/5 turn and monitor.

Flowering cycle

Hang at 16cm to 25cm or 6″ to 10" over the top of the plant canopy for maximum system efficiency and set the dimmer to 100%

Hang at 16" or 40cm for maximum uniformity and about 5% reduced PAR reaching the canopy.

After initial setup check them after a few hours. Look for signs of plant stress; curled leave tips, yellowing leaf tips etc. If you see these signs reduce dimmer by 1/5 turn and monitor.

Dimmer adjustment - ARAY 1 seedling light

Very young seedlings less than 5 days - 40%

Seedlings from 1 to 2 weeks old - 60% - 80%

Seedlings 2 weeks and older - 100%

External controller connection

You can connect to any external 0-10V analog or PWM controller with RJ11 or RJ12 connectors with the following pin configuration

How much light plants need for maximum yield

To optimise your grow it is recommended that your plants receive 500-1,000 μmols of PAR light for every m² (PPFD). Less than this and growth rates and yield will be low.
Recommended PAR intensity

Growth rates at higher PPFD levels do not justify the extra energy cost and heat output and the plants require additional CO₂ to utilise the high PAR intensity

Light Intensity PAR charts

MIGRO ARAY 2 LED grow light PAR map for a 2x2 or 60cm x 60cm grow tent
MIGRO ARAY 3 LED grow light PAR map for a 3x3 or 90cm x 90cm grow tent
MIGRO ARAY 4 LED grow light PAR map for a 4x2 or 90cm x 60cm grow tent
ARAY 4X4 PAR map
MIGRO ARAY 8 LED grow light PAR map for a 4x4 or 120cm x 120cm grow tent
MIGRO ARAY 12 LED grow light PAR map for a 5x5 or 150cm x 150cm grow tent

Light Spectrum

Hardware overview

LED bar

The small LEDs (surface mounted diodes, SMDs) are delicate and can be easily damaged.
Take care putting them down and during assembly. They are protected from water and dust with a conformal coating so they can be wiped clean of dust and dirt.

LED driver

The LED driver is highly efficient and reliable constant current transformer and has inbuilt protection from:

  • Output over voltage
  • Over temperature
  • Short circuits

In the event of any of the above the driver will shut down. The driver will automatically restart if the conditions return to normal.

The driver and the mains plug connection should be located outside of the grow area in a dry and safe position with adequate ventilation. The life of the LED driver is related to its operating temperature. Keeping it as cool as possible will extend its life.
The driver is dimmer controlled and has an inbuilt dial for adjusting the output from 20% to 100%. Up to 15 drivers can be connected together in daisy chain connection for simultaneous dimming control.
Set the toggle switch on for master dimmer driver and off for slave dimmer drivers.

Airflow and ventilation

Whatever position the grow light is fixed always ensure there is adequate room for airflow around the heatsink to prevent heat buildup. There should be at least 5cm or 2” clearance on three sides of the heatsink.
The heatsink is a ‘fast flow’ passive heatsink allowing air to move quickly over the heatsink surface and remove the heat at a high rate.

Driver and Lamp operating temperature

Both the led bar heatsink and led driver both operate at about 25 deg. C or 45 F above ambient temperature. So at 25 degrees C or 77 F room temp the driver and heatsink will be about 50 deg. C or 122 F. This is perfectly normal and safe.

To minimise the temperature locate the driver down low at the air intake and have the out take moving air across the heatsink.

If the driver case temperature gets to 90 DegC or 195 F the output current will be reduced. If the temperature does not reduce then it powers off until temperatures have reduced.


The MIGRO grow light system requires almost no maintenance. In ordinary use the only maintenance required is to keep the heatsink and the led surface clean. This will ensure the cooling performance and light output are maintained, respectively.

To clean all of the components switch off the power and use warm water and soap with a damp cloth. Do not under any circumstances use a solvent, acid based or an abrasive cleaner on any of the components. Doing so may damage the finish of the product and the electrical and led coating

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