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HortiOne 600 x 3 pack PAR test and review

The HortiOne 600 LED grow lights are each 220 watts and I tested a kit of three of them in a 1.2m x 1.2m or 4ft x 4ft grow area. They are a modular light and they can be connected together and dimmed together with the HortiOne knob-bluetooth dimmer. HortiOne is an Austrian company and they sell their lights in shops across Europe, list of retailers here: Where to buy HortiOne LED growlights and dimmer


Each of the HortiOne 600 hang with wire hangers and adjustable ratchets at each end. They are a simple folded aluminium panel with the LEDs mounted directly. The LED drivers are separate and connect to the LED panel with a 2m power cable so they can be outside of the grow area.

The white LEDs are 4000K CT 90CRI Seoul semiconductor and the deep reds are 660nm by Osram. The light output is full spectrum and is suitable for growing plants from seed to harvest.

The HortiOne dimmer connects all of the LED drivers so that they can be controlled simultaneously. The dimmer connection from the driver powers the dimmer controller but you can also charge the controller with a separate 12V supply from a USB charge, for example.

You can dim the three drivers together using the dimmer knob on the controller or use an external dimmer signal or connect with Bluetooth or wireless via the Tuya app. You can control On/Off timing, sunrise/sunset and stepless Bluetooth dimming. It is also possible to connect via a third party gateway and control the dimmer via an internet connection.

You can also use the HortiOne dimmer to control any other grow light fixture controlled with a 0-10V signal.


I tested the 3 x HortiOne 600 LED grow lights in a 1.2m x 1.2m or 4ft x 4ft area with silver mylar walls to simulate a typical grow tent environment. I hung them 35cm or 14" apart, centre to centre, to spread the light evenly across the test area. I then adjusted the hanging height to 40cm or 16" from the underside of the LED panel to the top of the PAR meter.

I took 64 PAR measurements in a grid across the test are with the SpotOn Quantum PAR meter. The average PAR across the simulated plant canopy measured 1,038 µmols/m²/second and the power consumed 665 watts.

The system efficiency is the total PAR reaching the plant canopy divided by the power consumed and this setup achieved a 2.28 µmols/watt or usable PPF/watt result.

The HortiOne 600 kit is a high efficiency full spectrum LED grow light which is modular and flexible for home growers.

Shop HortiOne here: Where to buy HortiOne LED growlights and dimmer



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