The 5 best grow tents compared 2024

I have not put much thought into grow tents before as I thought they would all be very similar in quality and performance. Testing and comparing them was more interesting than I thought it would be.

I tested each 4ft x2ft or 1.2m x 0.6m tent with a grow light in them to assess the quality of the reflectance material quality. The MARS HYDRO is just ahead of the others.

Regarding other factors I found the quality of all the tents to be good but the premium price for the Gorilla and AC Infinity tents is not reflected (excuse the pun) in their features and specifications. The MARSH HYDRO is very competitive and a good quality grow tent for the price.

Grow tent reflectance comparison

I tested each grow tent to measure the amount of light reaching a simulated plant canopy. I hung a grow light at the same hanging height above a test surface in each tent. I then took 32 PAR measurements across the test surface with an apogee SQ5000 Quantum sensor.


Grow tent reflectance test
Below is the analysis of the total PAR reaching the test area and the associated PAR maps. The MARS Hydro, Secret Jardin and Vivosun perform the best with a disappointing drop in reflectance with the Gorilla and AC Infinity grow tents.
Grow tent reflectance test comparison

Grow tent quality comparison

I measured the grow tent poles, tent materials, corner reinforcement, door seals and zips. MARS Hydro and Secret Jardin grow tents were the lowest specification tested with small poles, thin tent materials and no corner reinforcement. The AC Infinity is in the middle. The Vivosun and Gorilla tents have the best quality of construction.

Grow tent features compared

All of the grow tents are 6ft or 1.8m in height except for the Gorilla grow tent that has an extension to raise it to 6ft 11" or 2.05m.

All of the tents have a viewing hatch on the front door and multiple ports for cables and ducts except the Secret Jardin with only 1 port.

There are plenty of vents on all tents except the Gorilla and Secret Jardin which only have 1 vent each.

Grow tents compared including AC Infinity Gorilla Vivosun MArs Hydro and Secret Jardin



The Vivosun tent is the best combination of high reflectance, quality of construction and price although the MARS Hydro is a very good budget option. 

The Gorilla grow tent is very overpriced although it offers a taller tent and slightly stronger poles and zips. The AC Infinity and Secret Jardin grow tents fall disappointingly short on performance and quality considering they are both established brands and mid range in terms of price.



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