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8 tips to choosing a grow light - MIGROLIGHT
Choosing a grow light can be confusing. We are grow lighting experts and offer you an easy to understand and complete guide to purchasing a grow light. We cover all the main considerations including spectrum, wattage, expected yield, number of plants and many more.
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Best UV grow light for indoor plants - MIGROLIGHT
Is UV beneficial and is it necessary to have in the grow room? We look at the different types of ultraviolet light and the benefits of using UV grow lights in the grow room.
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Is Far Red good for plant growth - MIGROLIGHT
Is far red beneficial to plant growth and should far red LEDs be added to grow light fixtures. We look at the most recent studies and analysis to see if far red is useful for indoor growers.
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Grow Lighting Basics - MIGROLIGHT
Grow lights are a specialised lighting fixture designed to deliver the correct color light for plants. Grow lights deliver light at the optimum intensity for healthy and vigorous plant growth.
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