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Vivosun 4 x Aerolight 4ft x 4ft 400W led grow light with Growhub controller

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About this item

  • The AeroLight is the first of its kind: The first ever LED grow light system with a fully integrated circulation fan, the first full spectrum LED system that can be adjusted remotely from anywhere in the world, the first all-in-one lighting and airflow solution for your grow space.
  • Automated Light and Airflow: Compatible with the VIVOSUN GrowHub Controller and App, you can program automatic operation of day/night schedule, light intensity, light spectrum, and fan speed to take you from seed to harvest automatically.
  • 2022 Red Dot Award Winner: With unique heatsink fin design, evenly spaced LEDs, the integrated fan, and GrowHub compatibility, it is no surprise that the AeroLight is a recipient of the 2022 Red Dot Award, it is the complete lighting and airflow solution for any grow space.
  • Integrated Circulation Fan: A 70,000-hour lifespan dual ball-bearing EC circulation fan installed directly in the center of the light improves airflow into the canopy, reducing risk of mold, mildew, and pathogens, encourages balanced temperature and humidity, and stimulates production of auxins for healthier plants.
  • Expandable System: One 100W AeroLight is designed for a 2x2-ft space but can be expanded with daisy chaining and our H-Bracket (patent pending) to stabilize the system meaning growers can easily build out their AeroLight to 200W, 300W, 400W, and a single GrowHub Controller can manage all connected systems.
  • Improved Spectrum: Built with 301B Samsung diodes for whiter whites and deep blue and deep red diodes for improved vegetative and flowering stages of growth including 390, 450, 650, 730nm, and 3000K and 5000K.

2.8 μmol/J

Light Source

Samsung 301B, Include UVA, Far Red



50/60 Hz


ETL & CE & FCC & IP65

Input Power


Recommend Fan Size

6-inch / 8-inch

Flower Coverage

4 x 4 ft.


5 Year

Grow Tent Compatible

4 x 4 ft.


Full Spectrums; 380nm-780nm, Rich 660nm; Seedling/Veg/Flower Spectrum Tunable Via GrowHub Controller


0-100% (Via GrowHub controller)

Veg Coverage

5 x 5 ft.