March 01, 2022

Best grow light for a 4 x 2 grow tent 2022 | 12 grow lights compared

By Shane Torpey
Best grow light for a 4 x 2 grow tent 2022 | 12 grow lights compared

The best grow light for a 4ft x 2ft or 1.2m x 0.6m grow tent 2022 

I have tested 12 of the best grow lights for a 4ft x 2ft or 1.2m x 0.6m grow tent and compare them for PAR output, efficiency and value for money.

The 4ft x 2ft or 1.2m x 0.6m grow area will deliver a good yield for personal use in a compact grow space. To maximise the potential yield from the space you need about 200 to 300 watts of high efficiency LED lighting. Ideally the light fixture will be suitably sized to cover the area evenly i.e. the fixture is rectangular and close to the physical size of the grow tent. The PAR chart is shown below for each model so you can judge the best solution for your grow space.


 All of the lights have a mixture of mid temperature white LEDs with 660nm reds to improve their electrical and photosynthetic efficiency. Therefore all of the grow lights tested are full spectrum and suitable for growing from seed to harvest.

Grow light comparison method

The comparison chart uses the results from Shanes PAR output and efficiency tests to calculate and compare the total cost of each fixture to deliver an average PAR of 750µmols/m²/second over 1m² grow area over a 3 year period. The 3 year costing includes the cost of the fixture and adds the electricity costs at 17c/KW hour over 14 hours per day average.

Grow 200 and Grow 300 by Grow Light Science

The Grow 200 and Grow 300 are the best value solutions for the 4 x 2 due to  the high system efficiency and relatively low purchase prise per watt.
Grow 300 by Grow light Science
The Grow 200 is rectangular in shape but it is a compact unit so the spread of light across the grow area is not the most uniform. Hoewever it delivers a good average PAR of 670 µmols/m²/second and a very good system efficiency of 2.36 usable PPF/watt.
Grow 200 in a 4 x 2 grow tent

The Grow 300 is designed for a 5ft x 3ft grow space but will also cover a 4ft x 2ft space with a very high average PAR intensity of about 1,000 µmols/m²/second.

The Grow 200 and Grow 300 are both well built fixtures with on board dimming and high end white Samsung LEDs & Osram 660nm reds for higher system and photosynthetic efficiency. A 5 year warranty and UL certification is standard for all models.

These are the best value grow lights tested for a 4ft x 2ft grow space.

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Our own MIGRO ARAY 4 is designed by Shane and built here at MIGRO. The ARAY 4 delivers a very even spread across the grow area with the lowest hanging height of all the lights tested. The high efficiency LED driver can be located outside of the grow tent to minimise heat in the grow tent and has on board dimming so you have full control for all stages of growth. 

The ARAY 4 +RED is the standard output model

The ARAY 4 +RED PAR chart in a 4ft x 2ft grow tent


The ARAY 4 PRO is the higher output model

ARAY 4 PRO PAR chart for a 4ft x 2ft grow area

The ARAY 4 is excellent build quality and uses the highest quality and efficient white LEDs by Seoul Semiconductors and Osram 660nm reds.

The ARAY is also a modular system and can be upgraded to larger grow sizes by simply adding on additional fixtures.

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Maxsisun MF2000 for a 4ft x 2ft space

Maxsisun is one of Shanes' favourite LED grow light brands because of the mix of excellent build quality and low price. Designed for a 4t x 2ft or 1.2m x 0.6m space and to hang at 40cm or 16" over the plant canopy.

Maxsisun MF2000 PAR chart 4ft x 2ft grow space

It is very solidly built light that has a quality feel and all the features you need including: Full spectrum light output with added far red LEDs, on board dimming, Meanwell driver and comes full built.
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HLG 350R Diablo

 The HLG 350R diablo is designed for a 5ft x 3ft space but will also fit into a 4ft x 2ft space. It is amongst the most efficient grow lights on the market and uses the highest quality Samsung and Osram LEDs combined with a Meanwell LED driver.

HLG 350R Diablo

The PAR chart below is for a 5ft x 3ft space. In a 4ft x 2ft space the HLG 350R would deliver an average PAR of about 1,160 µmols/m²/second which is in the range where elevated CO2 would be required to utilise the high PAR intensity.

HLG 350R Diablo PAR chart for a 5ft x 3ft

If you want a very high PAR intensity and you are running CO2 in your 4 x 2 the HLG 350R diablo is an excellent solution

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The MARS HYDRO SP3000 is a high quality led grow light designed for a 4 x 2 grow area. It consumes 300 watts and has on board dimming with daisy chain control


 The system efficiency is good and the light spread is excellent over a 4ft x 2ft area.

MARS HYDRO SP3000 PAR chart 4ft x 2ft space

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Viparspectra P2000

The P2000 LED grow light by Viparspectra is a high quality 200 watt fixture with onboard dimming and good coverage in a 4ft x 2ft space.


Viparspectra P2000 LED grow light

The P2000 delivers a relatively low system efficiency and is one of the lower wattage grow lights in this selection hence it has a lower average PAR intensity

Viparspectra P2000 PAR chart in a 4ft x 2ft grow space

The lowest priced grow light on this list makes this a great light for those on a tight budget.

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Bavagreen 260W with UVA and Far Red

This grow light from BavaGREEN has added 380nm UVA, 660nm Red and 730nm Far Red. The UV, red and far red can be switched on separately.

Bavagreen 260W with UVA and Far Red

It delivers an ok average PAR intensity but does not cover the whole grow area evenly.

Bavagreen 260W PAR chart in a 4ft x 2ft grow space

Positives are great spectrum, good efficiency and low price.
Negatives are lack of protection of the LEDs, general build quality and lack of setup information. For these reasons I do not recommend this light.

Spider Farmer SF2000

The SF2000 by Spider Farmer consumes 200 watts, has on board dimming and daisy chain control. It is a rectangular 'quantum board' style light of very simple construction.

Spider Farmer SF2000 in a 4ft x 2ft grow tent

It is one of the lower wattage and efficiency grow lights in this selection and delivers a relatively low average PAR intensity and spread.

Spider Farmer SF2000 PAR chart in a 4 x 2 grow space

You can purchase the Spider Farmer SF2000 here


FEIT Electric 175w LED grow light

Feit Electric LED grow light

A test and review of the Home Depot grow light, the FEI Electric 175W LED grow light. A low system efficiency result of 1.77 PPFD/Watt and a high running temperature means I cannot recommend it.

FEIT electric PAR chart 4ft x 2ft grow space

It is also very expensive for what it is in the Home Depot and Amazon shop. However you can pick one up for much less on Ebay where it is priced more suitably for its performance

Chilled 330W ultra

The highest efficiency grow light in this selection. A very well built light that runs incredible cool


Chilled 330W ultra


The Chilled Tech ULTRA has surpasses the previous record by the HLG Diablo at 2.68 µmols/watt (usable PPF/watt) system efficacy.

 Chilled 330W Ultra PAR chart in a 4ft x 2ft grow space


Not a cheap light but it has so many LEDs packed into it I think it is good value for what it is. However it is hard to justify the additional up front cost for this efficiency when it is not paying back in three years.

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