January 08, 2017

How to improve your yield by 25% for €25?

By Shane Torpey
How to improve your yield by 25% for €25?

Improve your yield by 25%. Sounds crazy, right? If you are running a HPS or a LED box light with a wide spread in a budget tent this improvement is for you.

The problem is that the reflective materials in budget tents (includes many big brands) are not very efficient. You have to hang the light high to prevent plant damage so a lot of light will hit the side walls. This light has to be reflected down to your grow canopy by the reflective lining of your grow space or tent. We tested regular grow tent lining and found lining your grow tent with Diamond Mylar increases the amount of light reaching your plants by 25%! This is much better than matt white or even Orca Grow. This increase in light reaching your canopy will improve your yield by the same amount - get ready for a bumper crop!

Results are below and the full test is demonstrated in our Youtube video, check it out and get some silver diamond mylar and line your tent NOW!

This table shows the relative efficiency of different grow tent reflective lining options. The silver mylar outperforms regular grow tent lining, matt white paint and even Orca grow. Comparison test of the reflective lining for grow tents: Regular tent lining, Matt white paint, Orca Grow, Diamond Silver Mylar

grow room setup