July 02, 2020

New MIGRO ARAY Release

By Shane Torpey

I'm very excited to release the new MIGRO ARAY LED grow light. I have used all the experience gained from years of testing LED grow lights to refine the new design.


MIGRO ARAY 4 | 240W 
The result is a light that meets all the requirements I wanted:
  • Class leading efficiency of 2.25 μmols/watt delivered to the grow area
  • Highest quality components
  • Modular and flexible for any grow space
  • Elegant form factor with minimal hangers and wiring
  • Remote LED driver and dimming
  • LEDs protected with an acrylic 'conformal coating'
 MIGRO ARAY 4 | 240W 

I will be putting packages together in the shop but a simple guide for your grow space is as follows:

ARAY 2 | 120W bar covers 60cm x 60cm or 2ft x 2ft

120W ARAY layout 2 x 2

ARAY 4 | 240W covers 120cm x 60cm or 4ft x 2ft


240W ARAY layout 2 x 4 

Other grow area recommendations for popular grow tent sizes:

80cm x 80cm or 2.5ft x 2.5ft: 1 x ARAY 2 | 120W
120W ARAY layout 2.5 x 2.5
We are releasing an ARAY 3 | 240W light with the dimensions 68cm x 68cm to suit a 1m x 1m grow space. Release date will be mid-November 2020
ARAY 3 80 x 80 layout 
ARAY 3 90 x 90 layout 
ARAY 3 100 x 100 layout 240W ARAY layout 4 x 4 
150cm x 150cm or 5ft x 5ft: 3 x ARAY 4 | 240W
240W ARAY layout 5 x 5

Spectrum options:

There are three LED options. The Samsung LM301B and LumiLEDs are both Full spectrum neutral white (3500K CT) and the same efficiency and PAR output. The Full spectrum + RED have Samsung LM301B and Osram reds, the efficiency and PAR output are higher. 


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